crossfire's Journal

Jon Reid
Hi, my name is Jon and this is my journal. This journal is part soapbox, part community relations, and part "got up, had breakfast, went to work, had dinner, went to bed." If that interests you and you want to add me to your reading list, feel free. I may or may not return the favor, depending on how busy I am, how full my list already is, and whether or not I even notice you've added me. Most of my journal entries are locked to friends only.

By profession I am a user interface engineer specializing in application interfaces built with web technologies. I love UI work, and have been fortunate to make it my career for the last fifteen years. I've published three books on the topic and am working on my fourth; you can look me up on O'Reilly and Apress if you're curious. Currently I'm a Senior User Experience Engineer at Google and one of the tech leads on the Google Web Designer project.

By education I am a scientist. I have degrees in physics and mathematics, with special interests in plasma physics, relativity, number theory, computational mathematics, and cryptography. I've been an amateur botanist, amateur astronomer, and rock hound since I was a kid.

By inclination I am a student of human nature, which probably explains more than anything else how I ended up in the career I did.

I'm less of a social justice warrior and more of a social justice DPS/Tank.

If you should need it, my contact information is in this entry.

Finally, I have been with my partner, denverbearcub, for 11 12 13 14 15 16 awesome years. We finally were able to get married in June of 2016, and we are the terrifying face of gay marriage: two guys in a loving, committed, long term relationship.